Uniroyal Rainexpert 5 Tyres Available in Dundee

Uniroyal Rainexpert 5


Rainexpert 5

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The new RainExpert 5 ensures a safe drive even in the most challenging wet weather conditions, combined with a comfortable ride and increased mileage performance for ultimate driving pleasure.
  • Wet Performance: Count on outstanding aquaplaning capabilities even in the most challenging wet conditions.
  • Driving Comfort: Enjoy reduced road noise for enhanced driving pleasure.
  • High Mileage: Benefit from extended durability and long-lasting performance.


Take on any rainy challenge
Trust in your tyres, no matter how heavy the rain and how treacherous the road is. Further developments to our Shark Skin Technology and innovative Aqua-Twist Sipes help accelerate the evacuation of water from the tyre’s footprint. This leads to reliable grip on wet and slippery roads. 

Listen to the silence
Experience a smooth, quiet ride on every journey. The unique tread pattern contributes to reduced interior noise which allows a comfortable and relaxed driving experience. 

Designed to last
Enjoy improved mileage performance with our new RainExpert 5. The new tread compound and optimized design ensure even wear and lower abrasion, providing a balanced tyre profile and extended tyre life. 

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 14 Tyres
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 175/65R14 82T
C A 70
Size 15 Tyres
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 175/65R15 84T
C A 70
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 185/60R15 84H
C A 70
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 185/65R15 88T
C A 70
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 195/65R15 91H
C A 71
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 195/65R15 95T
C A 72
Size 17 Tyres
Uniroyal RainExpert 5 215/45R17 91Y
C A 72