Continental SportContact 5 ContiSeal 235/40R18 95W available in Dundee

SportContact 5 ContiSeal

235/40R18 CON SPT 5 95W XL CS

Unlimited driving fun thanks to excellent grip
Fully fitted price: £132.40


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The new ContiSportContact 5 - Control never has been sportier.

With the launch of the ContiSportContact 5, Continental has developed a tyre which is equally suitable for sporty cars + SUVs with sporty driving characteristics. With this new development, the tyre engineers have made significant progress in comparison to the popular predecessor ContiSportContact 3:

  • Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions.
  • Excellent road grip and safety when cornering.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and high mileage.
  • With our Black Chilli Technology you have excellent road grip and handling.
  • ContiSeal technology immediately seals punctures up to 5mm in diameter so there's no need for a roadside tyre change.
  • Auto Express product award winner in 2016 (tyre size tested - 225/45R17).
  • Engineered in Germany, Continental develops award-winning premium tyres with optimum braking performance and safety.

This was made possible due to a new compound which focuses on maximum power transmission and provides low rolling resistance whilst driving normally. This rubber compound which carries the name "BlackChilli" uses the various vibrations of the tyre.


ContiSeal is a technology designed to seal a damaged tyre tread.

  • ContiSeal reduces the consequences of tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (e.g. nail damage) are sealed immediately thanks to a unique technology.
  • Constant mobility and unaltered mileage – no need for an immediate stop or roadside tyre change (see technical instructions on the back page).
  • Unrestricted driving performance identical to that of a tire without ContiSeal technology under normal operation.

About the Technology

ContiSeal is a technology developed by Continental designed to seal a damaged tyre tread. In case of penetration by foreign objects such as nails, there is no need for immediate roadside tyre changes, and holes remain sealed even if the puncturing object becomes dislodged.

ContiSeal is a sticky, viscous sealant layer. It is applied to the inside of the tyre in the tread area. ContiSeal seals 80% of all tyre punctures and therefore reduces the risk of flat tyres. ContiSeal tyres are marked clearly with a symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly available rims.

Technical instructions:
  • For optimal conditions, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is recommended.
  • It is not necessary to stop immediately for a tire change. Your journey can be continued.
  • Upon discovering a puncture, a tyre specialist must promptly check the tyre.





W (Max Speed: 168mph)

95 (Max Load: 690kg)