Dunlop SP Sport 01 DSST ROF 205/45R17 84W available in Dundee

205/45R17 DLOP SP01* ROF 84W Run-flat Tyre BMW fitment


SP Sport 01 DSST ROF

205/45R17 DLOP SP01* ROF 84W

Fully fitted price: £125.70


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Refined Handling
Jointless Band Technology™ helps maintain the tire's shape, enabling smooth performance at highway speeds.
Steering Responsiveness
Aramid reinforced bead helps provide lower sidewall stiffness for enhanced responsiveness.
Energy Efficiency
Silica tread enhances dry and wet traction while helping to reduce rolling resistance.
Rim Protection
The Max Flange Shield® helps protect rims from accidental curb damage (available in select sizes).
Run On Flat Technology
Dunlop® Self Supporting Technology (DSST)® uses a patented sidewall construction to allow continued driving on a flat tire for up to 50 miles at 50 mph in normal conditions.***





W (Max Speed: 168mph)

84 (Max Load: 500kg)